About Us

At House of Cards Espresso, we live by a simple yet meaningful philosophy; to leave the world better than how we found it.

We all have the ability to do some good in this world and it is often our small, everyday gestures which can lead to real change. We hope that through our charitable donations and awareness raising, that we can serve as an example, of the value of this thinking.

What are we all about?

HoC is a social enterprise, that marries the the social objective of a non-profit program, with the market-driven approach of a cafe. We are highly passionate about quality coffee and service and see our model as the perfect platform to give something meaningful back. We donate $1,000 monthly to causes elected by our customers in the ordering process. Our goal is to amplify operations enough, to be able to give $5,000 each month. Collaborating with good tertiary institutions Australia wide, we hope to meet or even exceed this goal by 2026.

More importantly perhaps, than the financial benefits of our work, is giving people the tools, to make a difference themselves. We are firm believers, that if we all truly adopted the commitment to leave the world better than how we found it, we’d make a tangible difference in the world. At our university locations we interact with thousands of students, teachers and the broader community, everyday. Often, these people are taking their first steps toward their futures as doctors, engineers, politicians, artists and educators. These people represent our future and what better way to start the change, than to impart our mantra on to the next generation of great thinkers.